What to do after a bad breakup?

I had a bad breakup at the end of August with a guy I had been with for a year and a month.
He treated me like crap and didn't really care about me when it came to me being upset or if I ever got insecure.
But we have so many great memories together, we never fought but he flirted with other girls and even admitted that he did.
He would brag about how other girls liked him and would ignore me in public.
But when we were together I just felt so happy with him.
And when we broke up I was so heartbroken that I constantly texted him crying and confused and he ended up blocking me on Facebook.
I don't get how someone that I loved, that I thought loved me can go from loving me to blocking me just like that.
How do I stop missing him and thinking about him, I try but its just really hard because for 1 year and 1 month I talked to him more than I talked to anyone, hung out with him more than anyone, he was my happiness and I don't want him to be anymore :/
Update: by the way when I said he ignored me in public, we had a seasonal job together and lots of girls at the job liked him and he would avoid me and i would see girls flirting with him and he said he just "didnt want any drama"


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  • Look. I understand how this might feel that it't the end of the world, but it isn't. As long as you have breath in your body, there is a high chance that things might look up. You need to take your mind off boys and dating for a while. Now would be a great time to choose a hobby.


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  • You're under 18 how bad can it be? :'D


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  • You're young so say fuck that shit and move on.


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