My boyfriend cheated on me with his ex. Should I let go or wait for him to make up his mind?

as time went by started getting attracted to each other, problem was he had a girlfriend at the time.He used to tell me he treated him bad and she had cheated on him so it wasn't really working out told me he would break up with I got tired of being the other woman and I decided to leave with another guy.but before I left he would look for me every day text me call me on a daily trying to convince me to not leave at the time I was really mad and followed whatever my anger was telling me and I said no too bad you lost your opportunity and so I left.i was with the other guy who by the way had no feelings for just simply trying to move on and forget about him.So I spent 3 months living with him and Joe the other guy would call my grandma and still text me to come back and I decided to not do so until the 3rd month I came back my girlfriends were waiting for me in the airport and I was expecting them only he was there standing waiting for me and as soon as he saw me he hugged me no questions asked and everything was good.we took like 2 months just as friends flirting trying to get back at where we had left off and by the time I came back he had left his girlfriend. in April 2009 and about around October I found some text messages from one of my best friends saying that they missed each other and my reaction was like WTFK!i broke up with him I stopped talking to her and they would try to explain to me but I was too hard headed to even want to hear anything because I thought all of it was bullsh*t and I had seen what I had seen nothing else could change it.As soon as that happen like a week after I started going out with a guy who had been interested in me for long and he was trying really hard to get at me. I said why not.i took this like a rebound I was trying to forget him I couldn't believe with my best friend rt. t a week later I break up with this guy because not what I want I love Joe and I want to be with him so we talked fixed things and went back out around Nov. Dec. 2009 he wouldn't text me as much call me as much or even answer my calls so I was like OK? he was tripping over the guy saying that he couldn't really trust me after I went and did that because if I really had loved him I wouldn't have done it he kept holding on to that past that to me meant nothing. he would avoid me and I decided to talk to him he said he couldn't let go of the past and that he wanted to be with me and loved me yet didn't know if he could. And next day comes up and he's texting me like nothing.He sent me a forward msg on the 27th of DEC. and noticed the 1st # I didn't recognize so I call it and it was a girl so I was like what the heck and asked who's this she said yesica which happened to be his ex so I said oh is this joes girlfriend? she said yeah why?and I clicked.I go through her MySpace heading says yesica & joe and I tripped out and texted him and asked him all I need to know is if your with her..he took 30 min be4 he answered "i am" and after that I broke down and started crying I couldn't believe that he had done this to me after so much and the fact that a 5 days before he had told me he loved me and was all over me!


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  • I really hope you take my advice to heart. You need to terminate this relationship, cease all contact with him and move on. Look at how long this post you see all of the bullsh*t you have been put through? This guy is very indecisive, he clearly doesn't know what he wants, he cheats, lies and is a manipulator. Do you honestly think that if you "wait" for him that anything is going to be different or change? Look at his pattern. It's utterly ridiculous. You will continue to deal with the same routine with this guy if you go back to him. You deserve better than this and most of all him.


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