Can you love two people at once?

I just ended my friends with benefits... well we just kind of stopped talking. It was becoming weird he was controlling g and possessive. After this my ex boyfriend texted me and we have been talking. I like him and miss the good times we have but I don’t feel like I could have anything with him at the moment. My heart has fallen for my friends with benefits. I know friends with benefits is a bad idea and they never work my own fault. I’m aware.

Its hard for me to start anything with my ex boyfriend cause I miss my friends with benefits (Tom). Tom and I use to hangout all the time around his family and friends so for us to just stop talking and hanging out is weird. We use to talk everyday so I’m going to miss him for a while. Even though I know Im better off and he's not right for me…. I still can't help but miss him.


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  • What do you want from two relationships?
    what do you want from yourself?
    because it seems to me that you can't take decision.

    • I want my friends with benefits but I know thats just bad news. he's not right for me in anyway.

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    • Thank you =)

    • Welcome :)

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  • Forget the skeleton in th ecloset with bringing the ghost of yesterday Back into your life with strife here, dear... My ex boyfriend.
    He is probably Missing the Kissing and the his and Her History you both shared, don't fall prey to it. Tell him to move on, you need time for you Only right now.
    As far as Tom, perhaps with some time, he will come around and realize what he has lost and once again, my friend, you can both sit down and try and get on the same page and Compromise to your own Surprise.
    Leave this in God's hands and let Him guide the way for you and your hurting heart every day.
    Good luck. xx


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  • i don't think i can lol. i can have penis feelings for two girls at once that's fosho.


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  • To be honest, that really depends on how you define love. If you define love as caring greatly for a person and having romantic/sexual thoughts for that person, then sure, you can love multiple people. But love isn’t quite so shallow.



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