Guys, Is my relationship at its end?

So I had my daughter in May and since then there hadn't been much intimacy from my boyfriend. He'll make an effort then nothing for almost a week.

He he never does what he promises and makes me feel unwanted. He cheated last August and I chose to give him a second messages were seconds after ones he admitted to sending. Am I just being stupid?

do I leave or stay, never wanted my lg to be in a broken home xxchance but then I caught him hiding things from me like when she got back in contact with him or when he felt the need to message another girl to ask if she likes him. Lid he was on yahoo messenger talking to a guy mate abroad but it was sick as the talk was sexual. Then I find messages to hundreds of girls and he swears his account was hacked but some


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  • dear
    where do see yourself in this relationship after 3 years from now?
    and how long you've been together?

    • Been in it 20 months and right now I don't know. Feel like I would have a better relationship with a brick wall atm.

      He thinks saying sorry and making empty promises will fix it all.

    • It seems to me that your boyfriend have a teenagers spirit , full of secrets
      the more you forgive him the less he respect you
      true leads to a happy ending, but lying leads to a bad end. you need (you) at this time
      you know very well that he's lying, but insists to give him another chance. but for what? to break you down?

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