Why does it seem so easy for my ex?

Obviously I don't know how she's feeling inside or whatever, but just from when I talked to her or when she doesn't talk to me.. it seems like she's completely over me and moved on.. and doesn't have any feelings left... it's only been about a month too... and our relationship was so intimate.. she told me things she hasn't even told her family/friends.. did things for me.. etc... I just don't understand... maybe I'm assuming too much...


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  • Stop wasting time wondering if she's over you or not. You are broken up! Spend your time and energy getting on with your own life.

    • That's true.. I just always hear how people get back with their ex's.. like my brothers have all gotten back with ex's who broke up with them.. one of my brothers is currently with a woman who brokeup with him before... but it's like I'm really hoping this happens for me... plus even if we don't get back together... I do feel we could be friends.. but I realize that she has to be the one to initiate any type of convo..

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    • Good point.. it doesn't matter if I contact her 9 months from now.. If I'm still the same moppy person.. she's gonna laugh and be irritated... I need to move on, talk to other people, have fun..

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