I was so nice to him and his kids and he treated me pretty bad. Will he one day regret hurting me so much?

I just walked away from the situation.


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  • Probably. . . but, if you are through with him, why does it matter what he feels or thinks any more?

    • Good point I guess still trying to get over it.

    • When I am getting over a failed relationship, I need to remind myself frequently about the fact that we are finished and why we broke up.

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  • Probably not but he doesn't sound worth wasting your time thinking about. People like that never see themselves as being wrong

    • You are probably right. He acted like the victim smh

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  • He'll regret it but in the meantime cut him off
    If he contacts you, ignore and block him

    • Thank you I blocked him on Facebook after everything I'm sad but I know it's for the best. I just really want him to feel remorse be cause it just went on without a care

    • Yea he's an asshole and assholes never get happy endings

    • Lol good point!

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