How to deal with regret?

My ex broke up with me compltely out of the blue back in January. He was my first love and first everything really. I was completely broken but healed due to the fact I thought he cared about when we were together and I didn't have any regrets.

Last night, a mutual friend of ours told me that he said he didn't give a f*ck about anyone he's ever slept with. Now I'm feeling so used and have so much regret over everything. If I had a time machine, I'd go back and make sure this never ever started, but I can't :( He really acted like he cared about me but he was obviously just a piece of sh*t.

Any ideas on how to deal with all this regret?


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  • I've dated my fair share of guys, they were all completely wrong for me but I didn't realise that until it ended. Even though most of the "relationships" didn't end well I don't despise or regret any of them. At all. Because the way I see it is that through it all I learned something new each and everytime about myself, about others, I grew and improved. If I hadn't dated all these guys I wouldn't have been at that exact location when I met my fiancĂ©.

    It hurts everytime and eventhough THEY might not be worth it, someone will. That person will be worth all the pain you felt through every relationship that ended.

    • You're right, I'm just finding it difficult now because he's not the guy I thought he was. I genuinely thought he was different. Yes, I'm seeing a different guy at the moment and he's already 10 times better than my ex was so fingers crossed he'll be worth it :D

    • I completely understand that, and it's especially rough with first loves! Remember that actions speak louder than words though, just because he says something now doesn't mean it's truly what he felt back then. That's something only the two of you know, deep down.

      I'm glad to hear, I'm rooting for you! :D

    • Thanks for MHO! I hope everything works out for you :)

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  • Learn to forgive learn to let go!

    I deleted San Andreas from my pc and it's haunts me to this day.
    I had so many mods, it was basically saint's row!


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  • Move on from this Thought here, dear, and just consider it an Experience with having the love in your Own heart with loving 'My first love.'
    Feel sorry for him for feeling like he does, and with knowing what you do, learn a little lesson in life and in Love... Be careful of the next guy with a try.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the upvote, and just enjoy your weekend. xxoo

    • It's no problem at all :) Enjoy your weekend too :)

    • Thank you so much.:)) xxoo

  • You gotta put the past behind you and just keep on looking forward. There are sooo many things we do in life that we wish we could just rewind and change, but unfortunately this is life and we are bound to make mistakes, fall for the wrong people, have our hearts broken. All you can do is keep walking and put the past behind. I have so many regrets about so many things but I try to block out the bad thoughts and distract myself until I finally forget about it.

  • Just be proud and thankful of yourself for not staying with that person and look back at your former self and try not to feel so guilty and full of regret. After all, take the experience as a new learning opportunity to become a better person and also how to watch out for possible dicks.


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