Why didn't he speak if he called me today? What was his purpose?

I used to love a guy. He refused to marry me. He was sure about my feelings and never used to dislike if I expressed my love. But he never responded to my love. However, he kept a contact with me and used to call me for longer time often. Last time he had a bit misunderstanding regarding me and he told me people gossip about him because of me and I was ruining his reputation. I told him I am a very decent person and I never intended anything bad for him. After four days I called him to clear everything but he probably did not want to talk to me so he neither attend my call nor he called me back. I felt very hurt and didn't contact him afterwards. I went busy with other things to divert my mind. Today however, he called me on my mobile and I said, "hello" like more than 6 times, but no one spoke from that end. I just want to know why would he do like this? Was he checking me or what?


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  • Dear
    where do you see yourself in this relationship after 1 year from now?
    and how long you've been together?


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