Should I get him help our just end it?

So my boyfriend has always been rough but he has never gotten violent in bed before till the other day. He woke up late one night because I started him on accident when moving his arm to get up. Well he slapped me. I was OK with it because it was purely on accident but now he has started to get just violent by leaving bruises on my waist and shoulders. Sometimes I even wake up and have bite marks that are bleeding. So should I get him help our just end it because I have talked to him about it and he sees it but it doesn't bother him he likes that I'm as he said not perfect any more.


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  • end it. have some respect for yourself. the guy isn't thinking about getting help when he puts his hands on you. at that point you should be like f*** him I have to do what's best for me. do not be stupid and try to help him, it won't work. walk away from the relationship while you still can. if you stay with him I have no sympathy for you


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  • Leave him he's a nutjob


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  • ? Sounds really strange to me. I don't get it -- is he doing this stuff to you while you are asleep? Is he awake when he is doing it? (I've heard some people do this in their sleep). If its purposeful, its seems really strange. Personally, it would scare me.


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