Guys, HELP!!! Can we be together again or am I just trying to hold on to something that's not therected? And does he want to be together again?

When we're together we are so lovy dovy and what feels like passionate towards each other just as we were when we were dating. Such as, kissing, holding hands, cuddling, hugging. Sometimes He Offers ME Food If He Made Food And Feeds ME Just Like Before Sometimes. When we are together hanging out or whatnot it feels as if we never broke up. We have sleepovers.

However, when we're not together we don't talk very much. Sometimes he'll answer my texts and sometimes he doesn't. When I question him about it he just said he didn't get it.

We been broken up now for a year and I still don't get what he's deal is? I want to get back together but I'm starting to doubt that it will ever happen. So what do you think he's intentions are?


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  • damn I kind of know how you feel... my ex broke up with me almost a month ago.. and it's like some days she wants to talk.. other days she doesn't.. it's really confusing.. I couldn't even imagine how I would feel if my situation was like yours... and she was acting this way a year from now... a year from now.. i'm either hoping we are normal friends.. back together or not talking at all.. hopefully back together/friends

    for your ex.. I don't really know what his intentions are.. did you guys have a time of no contact at all? has this been like this for the last year?

    • Yes we had a month of nc immediately following the break up then about 5 or 6 months into the break up he started acting like this. I didn't talk to him for a month or 2 just because I would get frustrated with him seeing that I would always have to contact him. I also felt like I was bugging him since our situation wasn't changing. I stopped talking to him a month or 2 at 2 different times already.

      Oh also I call him pet names while I'm there like baby or whatnot and he has never corrected me otherwise and I been doing this for awhile now.

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