Ideas for a prank?

So a guy I was seeing who screwed me over. ... I happen to know he is staying in a hotel with several friends this weekend. I know where, but not which room. Any ideas on a prank I could pull on him to get even? Like calling the hotel or something? (Just something funny, nothing seriously bad.)


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  • Simple

    Or apply gum on his seat or hide the folder of game on his PC

    Even better take a Screenshot of his or her PC or laptop, remove all the icons from the screen and set the Screenshot picture as wallpaper.
    Wanna fuck more go ahead, turn their display upside down..


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  • Get those little fireworks poppers that u throw on the ground and stick them under the toilet seat so when they sit down... POP! My older sister thought she broke the. Toilet seat😂

    • I should clarify. .. it's out of town, not somewhere I can access. So this would need to be called in.

    • Oh lol then I got nooo idea hahaha

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  • **Crude & fucked up**
    Replace the egg he was gonna eat for breakfast with a egg from a birds nest..

    When he's sleeping release some mosquitoes into his room

  • Ring the police a tell them that there is a terrorist plot going on in that hotel and give his name... lol


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