Guy had no great qualities, but I'm still crazy about him?

I broke up w/my ex a week ago, I feel like my heart will explode. Although I was the one who ended it, I am extremely broken. I wanted so bad for the relationship to work. When I started having doubts I approached him in a mature manner and he accused me of trying to mess up the relationship. He never took my hurting/being upset seriously, he would blame it on me overthinking. He was shocked when I ended the relationsip. I ended it because I saw he lacked goals/interests in anything in life and I felt I was being taken for granted. He never saved money (he told me he couldn't afford a ring) and was always spending it on frivolous things and going and drinking at the bar (once a week by himself). He took no interests in ANYTHING, he never wanted to go anywhere w/me (I felt like I had to drag him) and wouldn't offer up suggestions where to go. I was excited about my 1st boyfriend thinking we would do so many things together, we ended up staying in the house not doing anything. I am feeling better day by day, but still tear up when I think of him. I never plan on going back, I have talked to him twice (he has some of my stuff) and pretty much he blames me for breaking his heart and makes promises to change (he told me that he would be doing so many things w/his life and didn't even do anything small). Why I can I not let go?


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  • Because you were attached to him at one time. After you fall in love with someone you still care about them even though you don't want to be with them anymore. It's normal and just takes time to get over him.

    It's like losing someone dear to you, it's very hard at first but over time you learn how to cope with it. But still thinking about it even after a long time will still make you sad because of the memories you have shared and the fact that you love or once loved them.


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  • Currently, you feel lonely and vulnerable. Thus, you have someone there in your life; it's your safety net/ security blanket. He was the first boyfriend you had and your only sense of a relationship. Now that your single again, there's the unknown and you may have doubts that you will find someone else. However, stay strong, be patient and someone better will walk in your life.

  • I like you story okay who is the good one and why you think about your first boyfriend if you don't want him accepting him again do you think he not deny?


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