She treats him terribly and acts like she owns him?

My friend is going out with a girl who is obviously messed up. She treats him terribly and acts like she owns him. She freaks out and cries whenever he goes to see another girl, talks to a girl, or even looks at a girl. Yet she talks to him about who she would dump him for and she has even cheated on him. she is also mentally unstable and has hurt herself when he was talking about dumping her. The only reason he is with her is because he thinks that he could never get anyone else. I want to be happier he seems really upset all the time and he thinks that being with her will make him happy but in reality she is the center of the entire problem.How can I convince him to break up with her?


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  • you can't convince him. if he KNOWS that she will hurt herself he is staying with her because he is scared of that happening because if she DID hurt herself he would be blaming himself the entire time and feel guilty. you can tell him that she is controling his life and that as a friend you don't wanna see him go through this...but if he dosen't wanna hurt her like that then I doubt that he will break up with her...honestly, if you give it time he will come to his friends and I tried to convince a male friend about this sort of thing but we gave up cause it didn't work and eventually the guy met another girl and dumped the old one...maybe you can try introducing him to some new girls who would flirt with him...some attractive girls. you should befriend some attractive girls and introduce them to him and see what happens!-->worked for my friend...

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    • That is a good idea but she won't let him meet any other girls is there anything else I can do?

    • You can get him to meet mother girls without telling her. perhaps go somewhere like to your house for a movie or to play video games or a game of tennis or some sport that he enjoys. bring a girl along who likes similiar things as him. it will be the 3 of you...she won't know and even if his ex did find out just say that the girl is ur friend...

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  • Ask him if he would treat his girlfriend the way she treats him, then ask him why he would never treat her the same way. Maybe try introducing him to girls who he would be a good match for. He deserves more respect and to be with someone who he can trust. She obviously doesn't love him if she cheated on him so why should he love her back? Make some examples of times when you have noticed him upset and how it makes you and his other friends feel, that if it were anyone else he probably wouldn't put up with it. Hope that makes some sense. Good luck!

  • She could have some type of personality disorder. I have a cousin that no matter how bad she wants to she can't respect anyone. There is so many of them. She also has Narcissistic personality disorder. I have encountered many people who are way out there. He should find out, if that's the case. You never know. If it came to that though, he'd have to have tough skin and realize its out of her control. It doesn't make her a bad person. Its just like a physical illness, just harder to except. If its not that then do what ever it takes to convince him to dump her ass. Find someone with common interests, set them up. Have other people talk to him.


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