He never messaged me back and all the days passed.

Hey girls and boys, my boyfriend and I dated like 2 months. we were friends before that for 6 months. He broke up with me because of stuff going on in his life/drugs but we agreed to be friends. anyway, I message him to chill 2 months after the breakup and he responds by giving me a list of specific days he is free and saying that his schedule so far is not really certain and that we'll be in touch. I then pick a few of those days (that he suggested) that work for me and msg him back asking him if we can chill then. He never messaged me back and all the days passed. I know he read the msg.

girls: how would you treat this situation? and what do you think is going on?

boys: why do boys do this? is it common? I DID ask him to let me know when he was free in the msg but why would he give specific day's if he didn't wanna see me? do boys do this sort of thing?


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  • I'm not sure but I think I have seen a similar question couple of weeks ago. It's nothing special that he gave you a list of days or anything.

    Here is a very important thing I can tell you to help out; girls, don't be friends with a guy that you haven't moved on yet, you're messing yourselves up. Being friends with someone that broke you down or did something to you in the past is a very complicated story, if you're not up to it and doing it perfectly then just don't do it, don't stay in touch. So now decide on what you want, do you just want to be his friend, or you're trying to get him back? is he going to be of any use to you as a friend? if he is like that as a friend then why are you going through this crap?

    Do not be in touch with someone that isn't being on the same level of "appreciating", "needing" and "admiration" you are giving them.


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  • he could be just avoiding you. but since your saying he's having a lot of trouble he might just need time to himself to figure things out. its pretty mean but some guys do it. I've done it a couple of times. I just needed to focus on myself because I don't think that a girl would wanna hang out with someone who is all messed up

  • Well, I do the same thing sometimes to a girl...I hate to be mean in any way, any I'm not saying its exactly what it is but, I'm pretty sure he's avoiding you. I read my messages the girl sends me, but I don't reply. Its a silent message of avoidance. That's what I'm sure he's doing, but that's just my philosophy.

    • The weird this is that he did reply to the message by giving specific days he's free but then did not confim when I asked. he also replies to my texts and if I ever sent him a msg. just not to the request to chill or w/e. and if we were friends before why wouldn't he wanna see me as friends?

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    • He's not seeing someone else. I doubt it from what I've heard and stuff. I know that he is in a bad place....he's got many family issues and a drug problem. his phone is not dead...i texted him and he responded...but I never texted him to chill again because I assume that he didn't wanna so I didn't wanna annoy him :P

    • Now that you brought up, the drug problem. that could be the cause. it might be to the point where he doing the drug and forgetting you? my advice would be to get his ass into rehab...maybe after that he'll change and be a better man

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  • He's being an ass or an overly sensitive ass. Either way he's being a real ass. Who knows though my interpretation could be misplaced because something came up, but really if something did he should have let you know or something (in this time with all forms of instant communication there really is no excuse for it anymore).

  • i mean if he has many issues and he's dealing with them you have to understand

    its a great deal of stress so you trying to chill and he probably knows the topic of your relationship is going to come up only adds to his stress. I think that's why he might not want

    to avoid you because he's confused. I suggest you give him some more time and let him come around on his own time. if you don't talk to him in a while he might actually realize he

    misses you and let you be his support. don't get stuck on those mjs it isn't good I do that all the time just live the present. -wish you the best of luck~

  • i would forget about him..i wouldn't want to chill with someone whos showing no interest in chilling with me


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