Boyfriend broke up with me because of my depression. My life is meaningless. How I can forget him?

I'm sorry, this is long and complicated story. I'm 22 years old and (ex) boyfriend is 20. (we had long distance relationship) We have had very tough times with him lately. He knows I'm a little bit depressed and I cut myself once 3 weeks ago. I told him it was my first and last time I did it. And I'm so sorry. But he got so mad at me. He just left me alone and didn't text or call me anymore, or didn't come to see me. I texted him last week "how are you" and so on... We talked a little bit. But I asked him can I text him some other time too but he ignore that message. I just started to feel so bad again. He has been ignoring me before too... (3 months this summer because we had a fight. That's why I started to feel depressed). Anyway, he didn't answer me for two days even though I saw him online many times in what's app. I told him that ignoring hurts, we should talk or he should tell me what is wrong. All I wanted was his support and attention but I felt like he didn't care anymore... Or love. But no answer. That evening I started to feel terribly bad I texted him I want to kill myself. He texted me back:" Stop being so dramatic, I can't believe what you're even saying. You love getting me mad and confused, I think it's best if we don't talk anymore." That's all. Now I feel myself even more depressed. My life feels so meaningless. I feel like everything is my fault, I know it is and I screw up everything.😔 i'm extremely sensitive person, I feel way too much and too deeply inside me. He meant everything to me... I feel myself so horrible person. I have so much pain inside, I think about him all the time... Memories and everything.


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  • Dear
    sorry for what you've been through, I know it's hurt that feelings of sadness
    but life gets much easier when you learn to accept all the apologies you never got
    and an apology especially from yourself, not because you're a bad person but because it's time to discover and control your own life . you can blame yourself or others for what you've been through, and that's 'll hold your back for a long time

    I'm sure you're a good person
    but why do you let the past determines the way you live you life?


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  • If a man or a woman ever makes you feel like you are worthless or a disgrace because of your depression than those people need to be cut from your life immediately. They are toxic. You have enough going on within yourself and you do not need their bullshit on top of it. Remember that you are bigger and better than any internal battle you are facing. I have been in your position and I was stuck in that rut for years. It was so hard. Just remember you are worth it and you are better than this. You can and you will get through this. Be strong willed and never give up on yourself.

    • I'll remember :) thank you for answering. I want to stay strong. It's just hard to forgive myself.

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    • Yeah I always blame myself. I always said I'm so sorry, all the time because I felt everything was my fault. And yea, you are so right and I'm so insecure! That was one of the reasons why I cut myself.. It's horrible. I didn't want to tell my boyfriend that I felt sad and it wasn't my day because I wanted to stay strong. I didn't want to make him sad and hurt him. But when he saw my scars, I finally told everything. And he left me. So... people really can hurt you when you are highly sensitive and showing how you feel. And I'm sorry to hear about the very tough times with which you have been dealing.): I'm so glad to hear you are better now. Always remember it's not your fault!! No no no. Stay strong inside, believe yourself. Be happy and live fully (:

    • Exactly! And things will get better for you! Just trust and believe in yourself!

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  • Mine dumped me because of my anxiety disorder. Try and keep busy. Volunteer somewhere. It does help. It does get easier.


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