What should I do?

I know everyone says "you have to move on, they are an ex for a reason" The sucky thing is.. My ex and I were so close even before being together.. So it feels like not only I lost the relationship but I lost the friendship as well.. we connected on every type of level, had the best type of conversations... It just sucks.. I'm at the stage where I wish we never even dated because the friendship feels ruined.. she broke up with me a few weeks ago... and things have been so up and down since... I don't usually like being friends with ex's and she doesn't either... but I feel like we could be great friends still... I know you shouldn't be friends with ex's.. but I feel we could be better friends than relationship... How long should I give myself and her before I try to be friends?


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What Girls Said 1

  • a few months... give it some time

    • You think it's still possible to be friends though?

    • yes but if you can't put whatever feelings aside I don't.. or if she doesn't want to then no so i''d just give her some space and tell her you'd like to remain friends

What Guys Said 1

  • If you want her as friends, accept this period of breaking up to let all feelings about dating, good and bad, fade.
    Do well for yourself, so she can see you are not dwelling, and have worth as an interesting friend, then approach her for friendship.

    • That makes sense, as of right now.. She probably thinks I just want to be friends.. as a possible chance of getting back together or that I need her in my life

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