I recently was broken up with... she still says she loves me and I'm the best thing for her and needs time then she gets angry and says that she don?

We were together for 10 mnth and I feel like she is my soulmate... I get pulled 12 different ways at home and she would barely tell me things... like what was wrong how she was feeling... we don't have much time together due to our jobs... well she tells me that she loves me too and that we can get through it and that she needs time then she gets angry and says she is done... I'm so confused...


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  • She's frustrated because she doesn't get much time with you... Show up to her work and surprise her maybe cute notes or texts, flowers, favorite drink or snack, those few minutes count! If you don't ask her what's going on, SHE won't TELL YOU!!! You have to take the initiative and ask her! Tell her no bs, straight up, and you guys HAVE TO COMMUNICATE!!! My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and I get so frustrated because on nights he's working or we have school or I have sign language class, we don't see each other... He doesn't like to tell me what's going on with him because he feels like he's bothering me and burdening me... You guys have to be as open with each other as you can! That comes with time and practice, she isn't gonna be 100% open right away, but you have to be 100% sincere when asking her what's wrong, and when she tells you, listen and try to understand what she feels!!!

    • I don't know what she wants... like I don't know if she completely done or she still wants all this... one minute it's I love u... give me time. the. nXT it's I'm done... and she is angry

    • Be patient, she's probably dealing with stuff... That's something you guys need to talk about and work out! After I told my boyfriend he needs to be more open with me because it frustrates me and hurts me when he's pissy and I don't know why or what I did... All you can do is show her you care and you're there and ask her to tell you what's goin on and be more open... Maybe you talking to her about it and then try being more open and she will follow too!

  • Maybe she's unsure of your feelings, it's leaving her confused about you two. She wants to love you, but then she feels like I don't know. She can't. Maybe it's trust issues that's creating this indecisive behavior

    • I nvr have done anything wrong... I have kids and thy get a lot of my attention... we don't have our own place and she living with her mom... just moved back home... she wants marriage kids and I'm ready for all that... she said today that she knows we could get through it but as long as my ex wife is in the picture she cnt

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    • What do u mean she won't give you the chance right now? To show her u start by communicating.. And not just about how you feel,, a simple hey how's it going on a regular basis gets people going.. Ud be surprised what a simple "what's up how you been " will lead to. But u got to let it happen to, u can't redirect things under the assumption she's not interested. At this point don't think that expressing ur feelings will leave u vulnerable. If she loves u it won't

    • 7 she told me today that she is overwhelmed and needs time to figure things out... and she is not sure if time will help or not

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