My ex says he pawned the promise ring I gave him... After wearing it for months after he left... believe him?

So... my ex who is the father of the child I'm carrying says he pawned the promise ring I gave him. After wearing it for months after He left. And still calls at least once maybe twice a week where I ignore his calls. Should I believe that he pawned it? And why is he calling? To work things out maybe? None of this is making sense to me...


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  • Your unborn child complicates this series of questions greatly! If your separation was not due to physical, psychological or emotional abuse, or if there was no unfaithfulness, you both owe it to the child to explore if there is love between you. A child is better off with a complete family if the parents are willing to create and maintain a healthy family. As for a material possession like a ring, let it go. The honorable thing to do is give back those symbols of trust once a relationship disintegrates but not all agree with that and say it is the recipient's decision what to do with the article. Regardless, never let possessions get in the way of love and friendship. Best wishes to you and your family.


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