If a guy left once, kinda came back, then left again, what's the chances of him coming back again? High?

Okay so... my ex left months ago. I was pregnant when he left. He was gone for a few months. Then we tried to work things out but I gave him an ultimatum. Told him he needs to decide whether he wants this or not or I was leaving. He always said I don't know. So, I walked away. He still calls and texts every now and then. He asks people about me. And I have a feeling he's talking to someone. What's the chance of him coming back to work things out seriously this time after the baby is here especially after he's already tried to once? I've been told that if a guy has attempted to come back once, he will again. Is this true?


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  • The chances if you get back to him, is you are getting yourself into more troubles.

    Just move on.


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  • I disagree. The better question is why would you want someone so fickle?

    • Because at the end of the day he's still the father of my child and I do still love him. And I believe he still loves me too. He's just afraid for whatever reason.

    • Again I disagree. If you or his child meant anything to him you'd be together. He isn't afraid he doesn't want. I got my ex pregnant and married because of it. BIG MISTAKE. A baby is no reason to marry. You're being a little delusional

    • I'm not being delusional. I just love him and I believe he loves me too. But, nonetheless I'm asking because I don't really want to be with him right now. He would have to do a lot to change my mind on taking him back anyway. After all that's been said and done I don't need it for the remainder of my pregnancy with his child. He can figure out what he wants and I can figure out what I want after the baby is born. That's all there is to it. I'm not saying for him to come back. I was just curious on if it means the chance of him coming back is higher. And no, a child is no reason to stay together or get back together by any means. Only if you love each other. And I believe we do as I've stated earlier. I just honestly curious is all. Thank you for your opinion or advice. I appreciate it.

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