What would you think if you're ex still talks to you, said that they missed you when you see them aND ask, and act all lovy dovy towards you?

By lovy dovy I mean we kiss, hug, cuddle, hold hands (I would run my hand over his fingers and he'll intertwine our fingers together ). He will offer me food if he made it and sometimes he'll even feed me. I call him pet names such as baby and he doesn't correct me. We will have sleepovers from time to time.

We also been broken up for a year but all this lovey dovy action I believe been happening since 5 or 6 months into our break up.

However, he doesn't contact me barely at all I have to contact him and sometimes he answers and sometimes he doesn't. He also always been bad at calling or texting people.

I also went through 2 periods of time where I just didn't contact him for a month or 2 because I got frustrated with him not contacting me and I felt like maybe I was bothering him or wanting something to happen that's not really there.

If you can please please tell me what you think about my situation? ?
Guy's please answer! HELP!!!


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  • Sadly it would piss me off.. because we just can't be together no more for some "known" reasons and that its painful to see she's still attached.

    I'm going through that.

    • Exactly, so he does want to get back together with me then your saying?

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  • I would block/delete him from all the places I can reach him through. His cell phone number, facebook, etc..

    I did that from the day I broke up with my ex, never looked back. I don't get what point you see in basically acting like a couple, yet you're broken up?

    • That's what I'm trying to ask why would he act that way towards me?

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    • Um no I think we have a lot of chemistry if we didn't he would just be using me for sex then dumping me. And personally i don't think It would of gone on as long as it has already, am I not right?

    • You could be right, you could not be. It can go either way.

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