Do you feel regret to you boyfriend or girlfriend when they leave you?

do you feel regret to your boyfreind or girlfriend when they leave you.. okay so I did wrong with my girlfrined that i just mad at her every time then she broke up with me as she treated me like a friend after we broke up with me but the way she message me is so hurt ful then i mad at her also then she broke up with me as a friend too. the way i call her too much which i make her annoyed and paranoied cling so much her brother pic the call which hurt me the ways he said me LEAVE HER ALONE as she also said me what should i do that you leave me... now i don't want anything but after we broke up I keep sending messge her as she haven't replied me at all but i stop doing message now... so tell me friends that do you message your boyfrined or girlfriend like this the way i message her after we broke up


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  • I've never messaged an ex like that after we've broken up. If you're trying to get over her, this isn't the way to do it. It seems to me like you're having a hard time letting go, which is okay. However, you can't keep contacting her like you are. It's just making it harder for the both of you. From what I read, it seems like you got mad at frequently, which caused her to breakup with you. You made a mistake, and you're having a difficult time dealing with the consequences. The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to delete her from all social media, don't call, text, or do anything that would put you in a situation where you could talk to her. It isn't fair to her because she's wanting to move on, and it isn't fair to you because it's causing you more pain than you need.

    • that right I already deleate her contact and blocked her already

    • can I ask you the way i feel people do like this what i did or i am only the one @WhitestAsianYouKnow

    • There are definitely other people who have done something like this. Even I have wanted to do it, but I couldn't because it's not healthy. You're not alone buddy.

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