Guys, How does a break up affect you, especially when your ex girlfriend has been a total bitch during & afterwards?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me a week ago. She couldnt care less, I had been really kind to her, and i liked her a lot. She was critizing me a lot, using me as an outlet. I did a lot of stuff for her, bought grouceries for her and her daughter. Whenever we had sex, she just looked at me as if she was truly in love with me.
but she took me for granted, did many things that hurted my feelings. Now she acts like she doesn't care, i was a wreck for 2 days. she just continues life like nothing happened, cutting me out of her and her daughters life. now we met up last Friday, and she told me on forehand that i still owed her money, which i didn't, so we talked a bit, laughed and then she asked me, do you have the money with you. i said no, we are even. i payed a lot of stuff, she told me if she knew i didn't have the money with me she wouldn't have come. gets up , walks out lets me pay for her food as well. drives off, texts me that she wishes me the best. yet she doesn't block me.

last night she went to latex fetish party, and when checking this morning , she posted on her fb wall '' drop all your seamon at me'' . i texted her a long angry text, and told her that i dont want to have anything to do with her anymore. that she is a 32 yo mother and coulnt care less. that i trusted her and i was wrong for doing so, and that i will get checked upon by my doctor so i dont have any diseases. i also texted her sister on how i felt. how come she didn't block me if she hates me so much. anyway im disgusted by her, she is a slut. im angry, im sad. i want to make her pay and the same time, i tell myself, karma will hit her hard. she is 32 , walking on cruches for the rest of her life. she will end up alone.


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  • It makes it really easy for me to walk away, which is exactly what you should be doing. Walk away, cut all contact, block all social media and never talk to her again.

    • it should for me as well, i don't know why i even bother, maybe because i try to see the best in people, but sometimes it's just not there, i talked to her about her irresponsible behavior once before, and it took her one day to process what i said and to tell me i was right, but it didn't change a damn thing. when she starts drinking , bad things happen. last Friday i expected her to be calm and talkative , but the moment we finally started talking about what happened after listening to her critizing me again, she walked away, told me to get lost, really immature. i should have dumped her, because she treated me like crap. i dont feel like blocking her, if she hasn't blocked me after sending her that text. i shut down my phone, not gonna look at it, deactivated my fb for 7 days. so she can see i mean business, i feel sorry for her, because she doesn't see herself that she is not behaving like a 32 yo single mom. maybe thats why i try so hard, but she hates me anyway

    • You are being very naive, she is an adult and she is in charge of her own life whether you agree with her choices or not. You are not her family and will never be. Walk away and be grateful for the opportunity she just gave you.

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