How to forget ex boyfriend?

How to forget ex boyfriend? I loved him and he didn't love me. He left me because of depression. All he said was I think it's better if we don't talk anymore. I feel myself even more depressed right now. How I can find happiness again?


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  • Unfortunately you're looking for your happiness in others, you need to stop that's otherwise you'll find yourself alone and sad, but search for it within yourself and you'll feel happy even if you stayed alone

    I know it's hurt but If it necessary to know the opinion of people on you, you should know that their opinions related to their feelings about themselves more than their feelings toward you
    doesn't matter what he said to you, what matters is the way you think about yourself

    how long you've been together in this relationship?


What Girls Said 1

  • Just forget about him. How? Get out. Do stuff. If you have passion for any kind of sports or anything then do that. Stop thinking about it. Have a girls night out. Find a cute guy to flirt with. JUST SHOW HIM THAT YOU DONT NEED HIM TO BE HAPPY!


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