Do you think ex's who broke up with you, still think about you a month after the break up?


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  • No I doubt they do


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  • I still thought about my ex after the breakup. I ended it 3 months ago. Put simply I wasn't ready to be in another relationship. I just come out of a bad relationship and needed time to myself. I hurt her really badly. But I never stopped thinking about her.

    I recently started to contact her in the hopes that eventually we'll get back together. But i'm doing it really slowly. She is messaging me back but I can tell through her responses that she is reluctant to ask anything other than answering my questions. Its understandable but I'm perserving. I'm building up a friendship 1st then see how it works out.

    It was 3 months before I contacted her. She is a bit reluctant but I'm keeping it light and upbeat in my messages. I'm not sending messages everyday just every 3-4 days.


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  • Most definitely, a month is such a short time in the road to fully getting over somebody, especially for someone you loved.

    • Even for the dumper?

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    • and never ever bring up the relationship right after

    • Definitely not, if anything you take things right back to basics. Being friends again, having fun and you build from there, slowly.

  • Dude of course, she loved you. My ex still thinks of me after 7 months and she dumped me

    • Did you guys ever contact each other again?

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    • Exactly. You'll learn from this either way. Wait for her text.. Well don't be sitting by your phone literally waiting, and then work on being friends! You got it man!

    • I don't really have anything going this Monday/Tuesday since I'm off.. so I'm planning on just turning my phone off for the 2 days.. I already told my friends/family I needed a couple day break.. and if they want to get tough call on the house phone.. but I want to get out of the habit of waiting for my ex to text/call.. so I figure I'll spend those days working out, playing video games, etc

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