Girls, Ex girlfriend, what the hell happened?

So my ex girlfriend broke up with me back in May after a rough few months. The story is long but I'll try & explain. We were long distance for 3yrs but seen eachother regularly and 4 a month each time. We broke up for a month in that time and she started hanging out with this new guy, at the time she said nothing happened between them. Anyway we got back 2geva after a month or so and were very strong and she came to visit for Christmas and back for a month the following month. Everything was great until we argued about some stuff she lied about earlier on in the relationship, including hookin up with that guy despite her earlier claims of nothing happening. There was a lot of stuff that came to the surface and we argued a lot. I became defensive and clingy and confused etc. things were ruff 4 a while and we split again (her choice) A month later she decided she wanted to try again so we went on a week vacation and it was perfect, constantly told me she loves me etc and would always hug and kiss me etc. After the vacation she went home and things changed. She broke up with me again. I heard nothing for 2months until she told me she was pregnant. We spoke for a while and she wanted to try again. She sent me scan photos of the pregnancy etc and we planned our future. Then disaster. She lost the baby. Now I've only just found out that she was hanging out with another new guy whilst pregnant and as soon as she lost the baby she ran straight to him. I heard nothing again for a month and she called saying she missed me etc and wanted to be friends, I said no. She called again a few days later and wanted to be with me. She wrote to a girl on my fb saying we r together and stuff. Then she disappeared again. Suddenly she hates me and was never happy with me and is better off without me etc. Amazing since I done everything 4 her. Haven't heard 4over a month now except her telling my friend that she is happy without me etc. there's more but ran out of letters. What's the deal? thanks<


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  • She doesn't know what she wants. Also, don't listen to a thing that she says, pay attention to her behaviors and actions. Do they match up? Frankly and honestly, she sounds like she's stringing you along. I say go on a period of complete no contact for 30 days. This isn't for her, but this is for you. It will give you time to think and process and see through all of this crap. It will help you to think more logically and less emotionally.

    • I haven't actually spoke to her for over a month now. I blocked her on everything. The last time I actually spoke to her she called me for two hours and ended the conversation by saying "I want to ask you something but it's really selfish and you seem happy so I won't" she started crying then hung up. She thinks I'm seeing someone but I'm not and I don't know why she thinks I am. She thought I was seeing someone when she called last time. She's still friends with my sister on fb and my sister said she makes all her posts public now when she used to make them private. Weird

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    • I wasn't planning on trying to win her back or anything I just wanted a girls perspective on what Happened, it kind of took me by surprise, especially as not too long before she left we were engaged and planning on living together. I don't know why she resents me so much though, I treated her really well and always put her first, even by her own admission. All I know is that she's out partying and drinking and hooking up with various people nowadays. She's always loved attention though so I shouldn't be surprised.

    • It's way easier to make you the villain in her mind then it is for you to be the one that got away. Consider yourself lucky that you did because this girl sounds CRAZY!

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  • That chick crazy... mental.. maybe. Goodluck cat


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