Should I tell him I want to give us a second chance?

My boyfriend broke up with me a month ago, but we have talked some on the phone and through texting. He has initiated the contact and I did once when I called. A week after the break up he even came to my house to give me a Christmas gift, and one night texted me really late wanting to know "whats up?" and stuff. (Later on he said he did because he couldn't sleep and I was the only one he wanted to talk to)

A few nights ago I called him (the one time I initiated contact) and we talked and he asked me to a movie, so we went.

We had a really great time, talking and laughing about inside jokes and such. He was flirting with me a lot.. lightly touching me and bringing up some of our good times and our first date. He even told me he stopped a bad habit of his that he knew I didn't like at all. (Also he's been curious about who I've been hanging out with)

The next day he texted me song lyrics that we were singing together and when I told him I had a great time he responded with "Me too..=)"

What I'm asking you think I should tell him I want to give us a second chance? Or how I feel?

Also when we broke up he said a friend is all he could be and I said I couldn't do that. Was this just a friend date? He acted like it was a lot more but I'm so confused.

(He's been confused with his life for a while and that contributed to the break up I think, he said he still liked and cared for me and when I asked "so there's no chance of us again?" he said "no I didn't say that"...what does that mean?)
If it means anything...he's 17 and I'm 18


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  • it depends.if it was not a nuther woman tell him how you feel.i can tell you most guys are cluless.


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  • Well, it may be that he just feels very comfortable with you, which is why he's been calling you/taking you out. The best way to find out if breaking up was the best for both of you is to give it time...apart. Cease all talking and see how it makes you feel. I typically recommend three months because, in that amount of time, you'll either miss him still or you'll be ready to move on. If you find that life is a little less complicated than when you were together, breaking up may have been for the best and you should definitely move on.


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