My boyfriend doesn't?

Want to see me that much these days, we live about 2/3 hours away from each other and every 2 weeks or a month we spend 2 or 3 days together. But now he just wants to spend a day with me as it works out cheaper and that he will be able to see me a lot more.. I have a feeling maybe he wants to break up? We have been together for a year.
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  • I do Not see where the Time will Benefit you Both but definitely the Price is right for him, it seems but not for you and do not blame you at all for feeling blue.
    It is LDR and he may have grown weary of the time factor in traveling to see you, so he is cutting it down to One Day, however, in my Book of Numbers, how does it Pay?
    You both need to get together and sit down and make a game plan that will make each of you happy, compromise somehow and get on the same page before This... Relationship is over.
    Good luck. xx


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  • If he is doing it so that he can see you more frequently, then i don't blame him. Why would you think he wanted to break up?

  • 40 mins is really not that far.


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