Guys, If someone doesn't ever want you as there girlfriend again wouldn't they want to get over you?

By deleting your pictures from their facebook, not talking to you anymore, or definitely not hanging out with anymore and acting like more than friends when you do hang out.


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  • I wouldn't just want to, I would

    • Right but see with my ex he's doing the exact opposite, exactly what I said to not get over me? I'm so confused why?

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    • No put him on the spot

    • He won't answer me. I kinda did Last time we hung out, he did something to me then I said " bet you miss that every night " and he didn't say anything. Why didn't he answer? But then he continued as his normal self around me, being all lovy dovy towards me.

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  • I'd love to help, but I'm not sure if I understand your question

    • I said wouldn't an ex do everything to try to get over you if they don't want you back?

      We'll my ex is doing the exact opposite and I'm so confused why?

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    • He acts like more but he isn't more. If you want the true answers, talk to him again. Just next time he seems to be acting more than friends just ask him why he's doing that. This isn't something you can't keep speculating, you need the true answer

    • He won't answer me or he'll tell me well your fine with it

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