Relationship Issues - Should We Break Up or Not?

Long story short, my girlfriend and I are having problems. About a month ago, I broke it off with her because I felt she had lost interest/wasn't trying, which was hurting me deeply. When I did it she cried and I felt guilty. About a week later after discussing what happened and what we could do to prevent this from happening again, we got back together. However I feel like things haven't changed a bit since we've been together again. Before the break-up our kisses were bland, but active and now she's not comfortable with doing it at all. Nowadays she still doesn't even seem excited to see me when I enter her presence and I've gone back to feeling hurt about all of this emptiness once again. I truly love my girlfriend and don't wanna have another break-up episode, but I need things to get better. Any tips on what I should do in this situation?

P. S. I'm not sure how relevant this is, but my girlfriend and I are two grades apart. She's a sophomore and I'm a senior, some I'm not sure if that's a factor in this or not.


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  • Set down and tell her all what you just told us, ask her what going on, and tell her if she is looking for a break up you can give her one, tell her she is hurting you with her actions and you can't handle it anymore, if I were you ill follow her for couple days maybe there is someone else..

  • To me it seems like she's not fully ready to be in a relationship with u. You guys already discussed what the problem is but nothings changed..
    Love is a two way street and if u feel like your only giving and not receiving, something is wrong on the other side. Also wen ur dating someone there won't always be bright days but then again you should always feel like there's something there between the two of you.


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