Help and advice about what to do with the situation im in about my ex girlfriend?

alright so i met my first love over 3 years ago and since then we have been up and down with break ups but we have also been through a lot of good and happy times aswel. 10 weeks ago but it came to an end again and even though we broke up i still didn't feel like it was actually over like she moved out of the house we were living in but we were still hanging out sleeping together and pretty much still doing everything even though we were single. i then found out that 3 days later a person that she rebounds with in the past break ups is in the picture and she slept with him3 days after we broke up which hurt me alot! but i accepted it and was still willing to work things out. anyways since the break up she started to change she started lying to me alot! about everything and started smoking pot and now is into taking pills it got to a point where i was buying her flowers ad chocolates and actually begging to want her back (which yes i know is the wrong way to go about it) but i love her and i want things back the way they use to be. one day when we were hanging out a message came up on her phone saying these going away dates so i asked her about it and she said no its nothing she continued to lie to me about this holiday off hers up until the day she left the rebound guy that she slept with lives 15 hours away from where she lives and she was going to see him for 2 weeks which cut me deep like I've been at her feet wantingto work this out and now she's with him on a holiday! she also told me that when she gets home she wants to work things out with me which i was dumb enough to believe. so she got back and i find out that they're now dating and she doesn't even know him like they're hung out in person for like 2 weeks then to further it she tells him she loves him and he bought her a puppy and his moving here in 6 weeks to move into a home together!! but they she still ringing me up crying saying she wants to be wth me and stuff and im so over it like she has hurt mealot


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  • If you take her back again, you shouldn't even be asking for help coz you're allowing her to choose both of you. Will she go back with you and then go with the other guy when he moves?

    • well everyone over the last 10 weeks like including her family said to me stop talking to her because she hasn't realised she's lost you and she has you there to fall back on so i made the decision the other day after she called me saying that she to stop talking to her like we met up that night after she spoke to me on the phone and we kissed and stuff i knew she was flirting with me and so i said to her you just cheated on him and she goes you went in for the kiss not me like i honestly just dont understand her like one minute she's not sure if she wants him then the next she's like yep im done with you im happy with this guy and she doesn't even know him i believe that his a rebound and she can't see it so im not sure whats gonna happen in the next couple of months

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    • No problem. I hope I helped at least some. Good luck to you and if you need to talk again my avi is @Daynada. 😊

    • Thanks for the MH!

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  • She sounds completely fucked in the head

    • yeah a lot of people have said the same thing and i believe she is aswel i dont know what she's going through at the moment but its not her she wasn't the person i use to date and i dont know what to do about it

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    • I don't know what else to tell ya, but as long as she's using, she won't be the same... it's not "her" it's someone else, to get her back she'd have to quit the drugs, or you're basically dealing with someone else entirely. That's why your so confused by her behavior, also why when she's coming down from her high and suffers a moment of realization, expressing to you through crying or whatever that she wants to work it out. Dude bottom line is this, as long as she's on drugs, she will be in a constant up and down motion, highs and lows. She'll bring you down when she's down and lift your spirits giving you hope and anticipation when she's feeling high. The drugs are talkin, not her. She's gotta get clean first. Then you might have a fair chance... until then, let her miss you, might make her think a bit if all the good in her life is gone bc of her choices

    • That's the best advice I've got, good luck man

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  • Learn from this experince and dont try to take back this girl at all costs seriously bc it look like she treated you very bad you need to wake up before you lose your entire pride and get more issue you could see more bad things from that bad girl and you could end up with serious depression that need serious help. Now I can gurantee you there's million better girls than that girl I know you love her but she dont even if she do its based on her rules which means she will sex with the puppy guy while telling you she's n love with you and want the things work again wow then followed by sex with the puppy guy. Leave her find new girl there's no reason to stay with that girl also you should lefted her when you knew about her guy but you accept it! That also another big mistake. Any way the solution is leave her no matter what you heart tell focus on the reality

    • Yeah I know... I feel like I have lost all my pride I have honestly never have felt this unhappy in my life I'm going tomorrow to talk to someone about it because i just don't know what to do anymore it has really gotten to me like how can she be so
      Happy with some guy she barely knows and I'm here feeling miserable and at point literally begging to get her back and I know doesn't even deserve me but yet I would do anything to make it work with her I just don't understand her anymore...

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