I can't get over my ex boyfriend of 1 year and a month?

We dated for a year and a month and I really liked him, I've never liked a guy that much and I used to show him off to my friends and think he was such a great guy. But he never really showed me off much.
The relationship felt really one sided. We have been broken up for a little over a month and he blocked me on everything, because I was so heartbroken and constantly messaging him which i regret but whats done is done. so we didn't really get any closure. He said maybe one day we can try the relationship again but i think i ruined that because he blocked me.
I just feel like I'm never going to meet a guy that I will like that much again.
And it hurts knowing that he's probably completely moved on and forgot all about me and I'm still broken. I still keep having flashbacks of all of the good times we had and how he used to sing in the car and how we used to feed eachother junk food and all the little things.
But he flirted with other girls and hid our relationship at work (because we have a seasonal job together)
I felt like something was off about our relationship and right now I don't know what to do. I gave up on trying to talk to him and tell him how I feel because he doesn't care and I dont wanna be with someone just because they feel guilted into it.
I really need advice from anyone.
by the way I was 17 and he was 19 when we started dating but he's about to be 21


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  • Hmmm the best advice I can give you is either suspend all relationships and focus on yourself for a while.


    Find someone else. Never mention this guy to them. If they ask just say you have an ex.
    Never mention him. Completely focus on maintaining your new relationship. You will forget about him really fast

  • I am sorry about the things happen to you. I was in the same boat I was regret and calling her and messaging her constantly. you can't get him again just do one thing that go out and try to have someone new guy who treat you well. I know this thing all tell you that try to find someone else they tell you the truth you are just under 18 you can have apportunity in your life just save your life for someone new or try to focus on your studies. best of luck I hope this will help you because I am doing like this.


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