What does it means when she said she has no feeling but still can't let me go?

She was my ex. I still love her and want her back. Is she testing me? Do you think she still loves me? We still texting each other every single day...


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  • It means the attention from you makes her feel good. You are being used. She doesn't have feelings for you? That's a lie, if she didn't she wouldn't talk to you every day. She has feelings of familiarity and she gets an ego boost knowing there's a guy just waiting for her to say the word. It's very unfair to do such a thing, it's playing with your emotions for her own little ego boost.

    You need to be very strong and walk away, you won't get over her and she obviously doesn't love or respect you otherwise she wouldn't keep you hanging around like she is. You're being used. End the relationship and move on with your life.


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  • she want you only as a friend


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  • She's lying. Who invests that kinda time in someone if feelings aren't involved...

    • Accidental upvote sorry - I actually agree with the people saying she's using him.

  • She doesn't love you but doesn't want anyone else to have you


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