How can I get my love back into my life?

I am totally shattered and find no way to get her back , feel like cheated. cannot see her with anyone else. give me suggestion to try to get her back.. problem started with confusion , i tried to explain her my side but she doesn't beileive me anymore.


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  • Stop harassing her. Stop calling her all the time. Stop texting her all the time. Stop emailing her all the time. Stop commenting on her Facebook posts or private messaging her or tweeting her all the time.

    Stop being her headache and think about how you can extend love to her in a way that makes her feel at peace, safe and curious about you in a way she hasn’t felt in a while.

    You want to stop creating the feeling you are pressuring her to get back together or you are demanding anything from her.

    If you’ve been harassing her, its time for you to try something different.

    Write her a letter. Send her a card in the mail. Really, this is powerful stuff in a day when everything happens by text.

    Tell her you want to get back together but realise that is up to her to decide.
    Now this is a hard one: Let her be right. Take responsibility for the relationship failing.

    Own your part in what messed it up and do not throw her mistakes in her face that’s a dead end. Let it go.

    If your need to be right is more important than the relationship, that’s why you’re not together and you never will be back together if that’s your stance.

    Good luck.


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