Still not over a seemingly perfect guy who moved away without saying anything?

We had been dating for over a month and were crazy about each other. I had never connected with anyone like that on so many levels before. He had previously been moving back and forth from where we live to California every couple of months because he could easily get jobs in both places (worked as a film producer) and said he could not decide which place he wanted to live in. He told me this when we first met. We were getting serious and then he just moved away without notice and I hadn't heard from him for 5 days until I caught him back on the dating site we met on... a couple of weeks later I looked at his profile out of curiosity and the location changed to California. It made sense since I could not think of why he did that, but then when I saw he moved again I wasn't surprised.

I just don't get why he had to move again.. I found all of his production stuff online and practically every single thing he told me was the truth, so I can't imagine he had been lying about the feelings he had for me especially since he spent soo much time with me. I still miss him to death and wish he would move back, but I'm also afraid that I'm waiting for nothing..


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  • A sailor likes to have a girl in every port and it sounds like that is what you were. . . his girl in that particular port.


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