Are my ex and I friends?

People ask me sometimes what are we and I really don't know how to answer. I would say we are NOT friends, but we are not enemies either. We broke up 7 months ago, actually he broke up with me because he wasn't ready for a commitment. It's a lot of crap, I know, but still I chose to "forgive him" and move on. We were together for 4 years and it was really amazing, I loved him, and he loved me too on his own way I guess. He wasn't cheating, he was always good to me. The break up came of as a shock though, but shit happens I guess. I still love him. I mean I'm not in love with him anymore but I still care about him, I can't hate him when he did nothing wrong, can't hate him for dumping me. I told him I don't want to be friends, but we didn't deleted each other completely. We still have each other on Skype (since it was a LDR) and we talk from time to time. Actually he initiates. It's nothing big just some "how are you" messages every few weeks. Or we would sometimes discuss the new episode of our favorite anime and stuff like that. But we don't hang out or talk deep, which makes me more comfortable. He did disappoint me but I don't really have a strong reason to cut him off completely, since we are far away from each other and we don't talk about who we're dating now. So I don't know, what are we? I think "friends" is a strong word because you do much more with a friend. I would say we are ex lovers who remained on good note. I think I will fully get over him once I fall in love again, but til then I am opened to a possibility of maybe getting back together one day, when he is ready. If we're both single of course.


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  • dear
    it seems to me you can't take the next step
    do you want get back together?


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