I think my ex needs help?

My ex left me 5 months ago we were together for 7 years, we have children so I don't have a choice but to interact with him. When he first left he was staying at this girls place and at the beginning of August he got a place of his own and while spending time with the girls at the park met someone else. I was recently talking to the girl he was living with and she told me the new girl was sending her nasty messages pretending to me my ex and according to her his new girlfriend has full control over his life and that he isn't allowed to talk to her or see her or anything. Things between my ex and I have been very rocky and things are really bad between us which I don't want I ideally would like to at least be friends and get a long for the sake of our children. My intuition is running over drive and it has never been wrong before. I know I should stay out of it and I would if it wasn't for our children and I'm concerned about there well being while they spend time with their dad at her house. I don't know what to do any advice would be great. Please and thank you.


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  • I don't think your kids are in any harm. He is a grown man and has to make his own decisions. If you say or do something it could make the situation worse


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