Guys, Was it on purpose or not?

Me and my boyfriend broke up two and a half weeks ago, he flew to abroad and put a picture of him in a rented car saying "my new girlfriend for this vacation" was it on purpose? what do you think?
Also a week after we broke up, we never spoke and then i told him i missed him, and he said he had a new girlfriend and i wanted to kill someone and asked if he was serious and he said no i was joking i wanted to see you reaction? Is he retarted or what? he's 23 soon wtf where is your brain. Weve been 6 months together show some respect.


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  • yeah, he did that on purpose, but because it's actually pretty funny. i'm almost certain he wasn't taking shots at you.

    • Why? Whats so funny about it?
      And what you do mean he wasn't taking shots at me?

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    • ok, cool. move on. don't worry about what he does. you're angry at the guy so why even pay attention to him? obviously the more you talk about him and the more you think about him and/or see him, the madder you seem to get. not use dwelling on someone or something you don't like only to make you feel worse. if you actually want to be happy, don't think about the bad stuff or associate with bad people (in your case, him). trust me, it will make you feel better both in the short run and long run.

    • I know, you're right and im trying to.. i dont text or call at all i texted only once saying i missed him and backed off when i saw his obnoxious reaction, i try to get out and have fun i dont try to talk to his friends or family but its hard because i had strong feelings for this person and it makes me so angry that he treats me that way, i really dont deserve it. Its hard to think that a person you put trust on treats you like crap for no good reason. I try to get over it but then he makes these stupid jokes that make me feel even more bad. I dont expect him for anything just to be mature about this breakup. Im not a stranger.

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  • do you still love him?

    • Of course i do
      But he just doesn't worth it because he's such child

  • I guess it was on purpose, him trying to sound funny.
    Guess he's enjoying the single life


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