My ex girlfriend is mad at me how do I get her to forgive me.

My ex and I have been broken up for about a month and a half after about a year relationship. She still keeps our pictures up on Facebook and my name on her wall. She said she wanted to be single for a while and experience new things. I freaked out and would talk to her little 13 year old sister for help and have her ask her things I couldn't physically ask. I regret this now because it only f***ed me over more. Her little sister ended up asking me if we had ever had sex and I stupidly told her and made her promise she wouldn't tell. Of course she ends up telling my ex and now she is super p*ssed at me and says she never wants to be with me again. She doesn't contact me very much but when she does its about being mad at me.

I wrote her a letter telling her I was sorry, okay with the breakup, and moving on with my life. I don't really know what to do because I don't want to move on. I am just gonna give it time for her to chill out.

why does she leave these Facebook pictures up and why is my name still on her wall?


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  • About the Facebook pics. and stuff, I think she's having a hard time deleting all that maybe because its the break up is hard on her. Trust me, I'm going through the same thing. I still have pics. of my ex on my Myspace, status is in a relationship and I just can't do that right now because I'm not over it yet. We've been broken up for a month now too. It's just all difficult on her I'm sure.


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  • just give her a little time for her to get over it. It wouldn't hurt to apologize and tell her you weren't thinking about the consequences and tell her how you feel about her.

  • I think she's trying to give a hint that she still cares because she knows you still look at her Facebook.and in my oppinon a letter isn't the best way to say sorry.ha and the worse thing you could ever do I'd talk to the girls sister because trust me sisters tell each other everything..except if they've had sex or not...we lie nd say no about that so if you wanna say sorry to this girl call her txt her what you think about her...nd by that I mean how you feel if you feel lucky to be with her than tell her that.I'm sure shell understand why you told her little sister...nd if she's still calling you to tell you she's mad...she's most likely just giving you more chances to apologize, if she says to move on...dude there's nothing much you can do but move one sorry:/

  • no she's ur ex


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  • She definitely has feelings for you --- anger is also a feeling.

    However, respect her decision to be out of a relationship for some time. Just send the message across(directly, not through the sister) that you did what you did because you wanted her to be with you, but you respecther decision and will not pursue her any more. However, she can talk to you whenever she wants.


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