Why do (some) guys even bother?

I dont understand how someone could let you into their lives and have you around their family and friends and then cut you out their life without so much a word.

Why even bother getting to know me or even interact with me.


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  • It may have been a sudden case of Cold duck feet here, dear, and the jitters that gave him the notion, mixed with his love Notion to Just... Cut you out of their life without so much a word.
    If things were cool before the breakup, I find him a cowardly lion when he just ended it, not sitting down, face to face, with an explanation or even giving you a lame duck excuse.
    Good luck and Good riddance to him. xx


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  • I don't understand either

  • If he or she betrays them then it's easy but in other cases... I'm not sure


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