Will she go on a second date with me?

Our first date was great. It lasted for three hours - just talking about anything that comes to our minds. She asked questions and made an effort to make the conversation flow. I walked her to her apartment and said, We have to do that again. She said, Yes, and nodded with a smile.

She was away for a month and I sent her text messages once/ twice a week. She replies to my messages. But I'm always the one who sends text messages first. There were times when she didn't reply - this bothered me a lot. I also called her (assuming she was back) and she didn't answer but she sent a text message after to say she wasn't there when I called and that she'll be back after 5 days. Was she just being nice or polite?

She is a busy woman and I do not want to be considered as another responsibility in her busy life. Her schedule is always tight.

I know the only thing I can do to know whether she'll go on a second date is by asking her. But what can I do to increase the the chances of having a second date with her and make her like me more before asking?


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  • Have proper conversations maybe? If that's not possible all you can do is ask.


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