Seems like I had One itis?

After googling "One Itis" Well, it seems like this was me ;-(.

There was me trying to make a girl feel special, cared, loved etc. Even though I wasn't needy, desperate or clingy.

I dont know what to do anymore. You try to make a girl feel special, yet reading online it seems like I put too much time & effort into her?

You dont make your intentions clear and they find someone else. What the hell am I supposed to do next time?



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  • Ur gonna tell her you like her in person


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  • Well what exactly did you do that makes you think oneitis applies to you?

    • Thinking she was more special than other girls, thinking about her every day, happy when she text, sad when I didn't hear from her. BUT I was never needy, desperate or clingy. I never stalked her, or suffocated her, I gave her space & still am doing. She knows how I feel about her, but I never forced anything. I dunno, I just thought I was doing things right this time

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