He hurt me and I haven't said anything to him. Why is he avoiding me like I'm the psycho?


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  • i don't know the situation but i would say its because he hurt you and he can't stand to see you because he knows he hurt you

    • I was cheated on and found out because the girl messaged me threatening to kill me

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    • I agree 100% with GymBumGuy

    • @ GymBumGuy , spot on

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    Let him come crawling to you with his tail between his legs here, dear. If you Start by doing it his Way or the Highway, then you will always have to stand and stoop for whatever poop this 'Psycho' has thrown in your direction.
    Good luck and don't fold. xx

    • *Just saw he cheated? Well, then, I can add then, he can no longer be trusted, this demon. xx

    • Thank you yes I stop talking to him awhile ago but he made it out like he dropped me. I guess one day I'll get over it. It just pisses me off he got away with it

    • Spread it around tha tyou dropped his cheating butt for news gets around quick... xx

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  • What happened?

    • He cheated and played me found out because the girl threatened to kill me

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    • pathetically enough I do :( and thanks for you empathy :)

    • Unfortunately, you put the only keys to your growth and happiness in someone else’s pocket coz simply you can’t live your entire life through someone else’s fantasies . but it's never too late and I hope you still have copy of that key
      the problem is you're fighting with your heart ( Miserable-Hurt) not with your mind
      that's could heart you more and more

  • I don't understand he hurts and then he avoids you? that's strange, may I ask what happened exactly? if you don't mind sharing.

  • Maybe you are. How are we supposed to know?

    • I guess if getting cheated on and my life threatened is psycho that's me all the way lol

    • See how details like that matter?

      He's probably extremely embarrassed and guilty, so he can't gather the courage to say anything.

    • lol sorry for leaving out details. But in all fairness I must admit that I went off on him when I found out so maybe I had a momentary psycho moment lol

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