I confessed my feelings and he suggested being bros?

So I spent a half year dating this guy at least that is what I thought. He has been chasing me during the whole time and when I slept with him he wanted more, it turned into something only sexual. By his actions I really thought he liked me which he did at one point I am sure. With time I start to develop feelings for him while sleeping with him (yes this was probably wrong, I waited long before I slept with him) so basically I stopped talking to him and he does not understand why. It took me long time to finally tell him that I can't put up with this anymore, I said that I have feelings for him and all I get is "that is cute." That's it. He suggested that we could be bros. It feels like someone stabbed me with a knife out of nowhere not because I slept with him but because I spent a half year with this guy, had such good times and all I get is a that is cute, not even any type of support and he suggest to be bros. I mean wtf? I feel humiliated.. Just a day ago before I told him he was sweet towards me. I wasn't even good enough to be his friend or worthy any type of support? He was never a jerk, he was a nice person which is why I am shocked. I'm not really sad more surprised by his behaviour and I am trying to understand but I simply don't. I feel like trash.


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  • sorry for what happened to you
    it's not okay to call yourself a trash, because you're a still human . don't blame yourself and give yourself a new opportunity to live happy . everyone makes mistakes, this is life, challenges and choices.


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