I keep wanting to hold on to my ex but he's completely let go, what do I do?

We dated for a year and a month and broke up at the end of August, and had a pretty good relationship, I honestly thought he really loved me. He didn't say I love you first or anything But he said it a couple of times during our relationship, but when we broke up he blocked me on everything and immediately stopped answering my texts without really giving me any information on anything. Im still confused and broken and I texted him today and said "I know most likely you won't respond and thats perfectly okay, but I just wanted to say I'm sorry things ended the way they did and I wanted to wish you a happy early birthday I guess." and he did not respond at all. I honestly don't know what to do, I'm still so broken and confused. I feel like no more than a broken heart. I have not been the same since we broke up and I dont know how to help myself.


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  • Hey dear, hugs. I've been there. . I know it's hard to move on.. Every minute seems like a day, every second seems like an hour. I know you are probably still hoping that he will text you anytime soon. He wanted both of you to move on fast most probably. You won't be the same after the breakup. You will grow up, learn more about yourself, appreciate friends and family around you and actually there will be more positive things coming up. For now you try to focus on other things slowly for eg spend more time with your close one , your mum, your dad, talk to your siblings , your close friends. Do your hobby, sports etc. At least you guys have a great time before. I am sure that you are going to meet someone fantastic in the future. I met my current boyfriend after 2 years of break up with previous boyfriend. I was happy within that 2 years because I was able to love myself more and love others more and have my own private times more. My current boyfriend loves me a lot =) so don't worry about him.. time to let go. Just turn away from him. Don't live under his shadow anymore. You have your own good life ahead.


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