? Lost and beyond hurt?

I've been with this girl for 2.5 years, she recently broke up with me, she lied to me, she was already in a relationship between before we broke up. We have 2 kids together and we were trying to have another baby. She got into this relationship with another man and already moved in. I take care of both kids by myself while she's out doing what she wants. She has given me 90$ in 4 months for diapers. Now she tells me that she took the day after pill, even though we had names picked out, she promised to always love me and she only has eyes for me but I've seen that was a lie. I feel so heart broken, it kills me because what about my kids, they know even though they can't talk yet. I see the way behave, and it hurts so much. Im trying to be strong but inside I feel broken. She's so cold hearted towards me. And always tell me that im playing the victim. I don't know what to anymore. :(


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  • Man that's harsh. :( I'm so sorry that u are going through this. Having kids in the mix of all this is never easy. If she's willing to just walk out in you and the kids she's not a good mother or girlfriend. She doesn't deserve u or your beautiful baby's. Like u said she obviously doesn't only have eyes for u, she's a liar and possibly a cheat. I wouldn't entertain her. Don't let her think she can just come back when she needs something or "misses" you when it was so easy for her to leave u for another man. You derseve better, your kids deserve better. U are their daddy and they look up to u. Its your jib to protect tbem. Don't let her win. Be strong, not just for u but for your little ones


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  • i feel sorry for you, but you have to be strong, not just for you but for your kids as well. and try to get custody of them, they deserve a parent who is always there for them and not someone who flakes out and thinks he or she can come back whenever they want to. Women these days have no morals , i have seen it more then once. this past year alone, after my ex girlfriend who miscarried our child, left me and became distant, cold and hateful towards me, i tried dating 4 different women. 4 horrible experiences, while im actually a really cool relaxed and sincere guy, im not perfect but i try to be the best i can. they drop you as soon as you make a mistake, sometimes even without doing anything wrong. i blame feminism for it, women these days grow up with everyone telling them, that they can do what ever the FUCK they want. i got no respect from any of my past girlfriends, either they cheated on me or took me for granted. i really want to become a father, and im trying. i would be proud in your situation, i rather raise my kid on my own then have a slut around in the house. my recent ex girlfriend, has a 4 yo daughter, and i adored that little girl, she sometimes fell asleep in my arms. i feel sorry for her, her dad is a douchebag who barely shows any interest and her mom is completely irresponsible. a few days ago i did text her that i dont want to have anything to do with her anymore, but i won't forget about that little girl her birthday. she will get a present from me, because in my opinion that little girl deserves it. i made her a promise and ill keep it. im also very hurt and angry but i will give me ex girlfriend a reality check, and return her a gift she gave me. not that i think it will make any different but i do it for me, and for that little girl. she may hate me but if she changes some of her ways just so that little girl has a better outcome, i can tell myself i did the wright thing. so stay strong bro, for your kids. be happy you have them with you, instead that stupid bitch and this other guy. it would kill me having other men hanging around my children, i would fucking kill them if they were doing irrespnsibile things in the pressence of my children. so be happy you know your kids are doing ok. get your friends over, do fun things, talk to your parents and do not even contact that ex bitch of yours.

    • Thank you. I tried to keep contact for the kids to give her updates about the kids but she could Carr less, 3 hours I waited for a response. I've been talking to this girl and I don't want to rush into the relationship because im still healing and rebuild myself. My ex swears that im with her, and tells me that im lying and that im with her. I told her not to talk to me unless its about the babies, but she refuses to leave me alone. She swears that im jealous but im not anymore, I feel bad for her new boyfriend because he is a really nice guy. I met him. I told her to leave me alone and to concentrate on herself and her boyfriend and to only talk to me about the kids. She then disrespects me telling me im unless and that im always going to be jealous. It just sucks.

    • you need to stand above it, and give this other girl a good chance !!! she deserves it, and nothing that bitch could do about it. also the other guy, be happy he is a nice guy , if your kids are ever around at least you know they aren't together with their terrible mom and some idiot psycho she is seeing. you could get a warrant on her, for harassment. she is invading your privacy, so take her to court if she doesn't stop her BS. she left you, and you are right for starting a new relationship and this time hopefully with someone who loves you and stays with you, in good and bad times, thats what defines love, not bitches making your life miserable. https: // shrink4men. wordpress. com/2009/01/30/10-signs-your-girlfriend-or-wife-is-an-emotional-bully/ read this article, or all the other articles on her webpage. it helped me a lot because i know how you feel. these women abuse you and make you believe that it is you who is a bad person while your not. never doubt yourself !

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  • Forget her, focus on the kids. While kids need a mom, they don't need that kind of mom. Maybe when she realizes you can all do just fine without her she might just make an effort.

  • Even if i say that at least your kids are with you, i know it's still not the same when it comes to you and your other half. Just be strong, man. Many of us people might doesn't have your kind of problem, but, i know that you are aware that a lot of people has bigger problems than you and yet they are still coping up with their lives. Be thankful. Love your kids. Let her know that she made the wrong decision. Stay strong. God bless you

    • Thank you. I've tried talk to her about my feelings but she refuses to give me the time of day. She has seen the kids maybe for a week in 4 months

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