Have you loved more deeply than your first?

has your first love been most memorable for you?

i read posts on reddit all the time where people romanticise their first love. does that mean all other exes never outshine the first no matter what? so there is no loving more intense than the first?


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  • All my love has gotten stronger as my sensitivity has increased! Experience teaches you how to purify and appreciate more. Not always, but younger love can have more elements of fantasy and projection.

    • so i guess your first was not the hardest to get over

    • It's hard, but you move on and change. Three years in the shore may not seem like much in the sea of life, but it's still pretty vast :) Why must one dwell on the past anyway? You can only create anew when you leave the past behind...

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  • I have, I think we are able to love as, or even more, intensely than the first time. The thing is that these loves occur in different times of our lives, and life is seen differently in general, and the way we love changes too, but not because it's more shallow, but because the younger we are, the more we tend to romanticize and dramatize everything. But true love is always deep, and it doesn't necessarily happen just once.


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  • The person I am with now is not my first since I have 10 exes. I love the person I am with now the most and care about her more than any others I have been with.

  • not yet filerrrrrrrrr

    • how come

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    • but you never made any effort to love again so i can not say your answer is valid

    • well , i mean , so far i never really meet better woman than my first
      that's why i answered , not yet

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