Is my sub-conscious telling me that we need each other in our lives in some form of way?

I broke up with this girl like 2 weeks ago. and we just stop talking to each other like last week because we had a huge argument and it even went to threats. And ever since, I kept dreaming about her waking up thinking about her. When I'm about to go sleep, I don't even think about her. I'm trying really hard to move on. I even started to talk to other women. Is she still thinking about me? before you say no, she does have pride. Should I be the better person and apologize?
I just wanna get this out of my head
thank you people. Even though I still think about her at times, I'm feeling a lot better. I'm not even dreaming about her anymore.


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  • It's your subconscious reliving the moments you've had together and possible wishes/things you wanted to share with her. You're not actively thinking about it anymore but the memories of the feelings you had remain, and they will stay with you for a little while longer. Don't think too much of it and try to move on. If she and you are meant to be together, that will happen in good time anyway.


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  • No your subconsious isn't, you're hurt dude of course you're gonna dream about her thats natural

    And apologise but don't become friends and talk regularly

    What ex'a do that?


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