What is this? She dont want to understand? Why? How can I make her understand this?

I dont want everyone have to follow me. Every one have their choice. but when it's wrong and person is doing that then i strongly believe that the person have to follow me.

My friend is having one boyfriend. I told her many time that this boyfriend is not good for you. He is just using you. but she dont understand this.

1. I first time give her proof that her boyfriend have two girlfriend.
2. Then two time she her self caught her boyfriend with another girl. and he said sorry.
3. This 3rd time also i present her proof that her boyfriend having many other girlfriend.

But every time when he says sorry she continues.

She told me even my boyfriend left me, fuck me and left me. then also i dont care.

What is this love or something else? What should i do to convince her?


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  • Stop stop stop. Dude. Stop. Seriously. Have done enough. You did your part way more than enough. Thats it. If she comes to you about any negative behavior stay away and change the subject. Let her be. You have let the fairy tale happen like this, before you save her, she have to allow the dragon to do his worse then shell get her ass out if tha castle. Crying none the less but hey!


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