Why won't my ex from 3 year's ago won't leave me alone?

My Ex and I broke up 3 year's ago. Our 1 1/2 year long relationship wasn't anything special; I only saw him 3-5 times a month and when we were together it was only 3 or 4 hours of watching t. v, having sex, and talking. When we broke up I thought that wouldn't be in contact anymore... I was wrong. In the 3 year's after our relationship he's had 2 kids, I have a new boyfriend and yet he still has time to call and text me every other month. Everytime he contacts me it's from a different number, and he calls me babe like we're still together, tells me he misses me and he wants to meet even though I have a boyfriend. The one time I did give in and meet with him we talked and then he proceded to try to kiss me, knowing that I'm happy with someone else. I always let him know that notging is going to happen between us anymore and I even asked him why does he keep contacting me, and his response was "I always think about you, and I liked where our relationship was going and I was falling inlove with you." Anytime I tell someone else (including my current bf) this story they tell me "the p*ssy was to bomb ", but I refuse to believe that. Will a guy really chase after you for 3 years just for sex? After having 2 kids a guy would contact you for 3 years just for p*ssy? Or is it something else?


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  • Tough to say. He might be obsessed, crazy or yes, the sex could have been so good from his perspective that he's trying to get more of it. If it really makes you uncomfortable, change your contact info and take steps to see he doesn't get it. If he still persists and you can't get him to stop, get a restraining order. If it's more of an amusing annoyance, just assume that yes, you were THAT good, and be flattered by it. If you don't want him, though, don't put up with his BS.

    • I would also add that men have waged war, spent millions, destroyed countless lives etc., all for p*ssy, so yes, it is definitely possible he'd still chase you after 3 years just for sex.

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  • It's always from a different number,
    he has two kids,
    he calls you babe,
    he tries to kiss you even though he knows,

    Answer: because he is TROUBLE
    how I know: the key indicators listed above, in that order

  • Could be p*ssy or it could be something else... hard to say. I know a chick who goes back to ex-boyfriends for sex all of the time!


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