For you dumpees out there.. How did you manage to get over your ex?

My ex and I have been broken up for 8 months. It seems as if she's moved on, but it's been really difficult for me.. Still. I think about her often and I still love her. The reason for the breakup was because we were long distance (4 hours away), but I made the effort to visit her multiple times a month. She missed me so much and wanted me by her side and it was just too much for her to handle. We dated for a year and a half. I just can't get her off my mind. We don't talk much and she has a new boyfriend as of 4 months ago. She started dating 4 months after dumping me.

I want to move on. I don't want to think of her anymore. What did you do? I'd appreciate any help! 😓 Thank you very much for reading


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  • Mmm I go through shytty stages of grieving but all in all my emotions are unstable. This hit me late so I won't know how much I care til I decided to truly awknowldge what happened there's still fcked up things I never cried about or even got closure on. It can so hit me right away but what hits me isn't the situation it's more of what I did wrong and how inadequate I am and why I deserve what they did


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  • damn bro! i was in the same place
    you need to get a new girlfriend, and make yourself available to new girls
    just meeting new girls and improving myself made me get over her

    Girls always have it easier, after a break up, she probably had the guy set up, so after you broke up she already had plans bro

    • That's what I'm thinking about the other guy.. Oh well.. That's okay. It's over with.

      Regarding the girls, I have made myself available to other girls... There's just been no takers lol. I've been improving myself as well.. Heck, I've gained over 20 pounds of muscle in 3 months of working out 😎. Pertaining to a new girlfriend, I'm not the kind of guy to date someone just to date them. I want someone who I can relate to, who I'm attracted to, who is sweet, gorgeous, etc.

    • dude... i feel you and the struggle, i just dont want any girl, i want a great girl thats a big improvement over my ex, technically i have been single for almost a year now but, i have dated a bunch of girls none have been special...

      good luck dude!

    • Exactly! I never want to go "backwards" from one girlfriend to the next. I never want the next one to be a downgrade. The smart guys out there learn what they want and don't like from girl to girl. That's the way to go!

      I appreciate your opinion man! I wish you the best! I hope you find your dream girl!

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  • It's been 6 years since I started loving him and l still can't get over him even though he's engaged.


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  • I wrote a myTake on the subject of how to recover from a breakup:

  • Work. Find something to distract you. Something that takes away your free time. People often get depressed when they have enough time to think too much. I've found that I'm the most depressed when I have the free time to be that way.

    So take that time away. Whether it be a hobby, or a job, or something else, find something that forces your mind elsewhere.

    After a while of fixing up your life and working hard, she'll be a distant memory. Like something ready to be replaced with something better.

  • My ex and me dumped each other. A month later I met my wife.


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